The Mental Health Graduate Program has clinical experimental laboratories available, as the Psychopharmacology Laboratory and the Clinical Psychopharmacology Laboratory of the Department of Pharmacology in FMRP, the Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory, the Center for Research of Learning Problems in addition to partnerships with the Image Science Centers (ISC) and the Nuclear Medicine Center of FMRP-USP Clinical Hospital.

The close collaboration with many Mental Health departments of FMRP-USP Clinical Hospital, as the Emergency Unit and Psychiatric Day Hospital among others, offers a vast field for applied research. These services have adequate facilities for patient care and to collect data for research, such as wards, offices, file room, observation room, vast collection of technical books, equipment for image and sound recording and reproduction, statistical software, computer and study rooms with internet access.

In addition, field studies are possible through collaboration with the municipal sectors of health, education and social advancement.